Kapital Group

Kapital Group is a niche private equity firm with focus on CEE and CIS countries. The Group is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and has local branches in Denmark, Czech Republic, China and Russia

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As a PE firm, we focus on helping mature companies in developed markets tap valuable investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. We do not only provide growth capital locally but also advise on entry strategy, regulatory constraints, optimal capital structure and possible country-specific risks. In addition, we partner with CEE and CIS private equity firms in executing deals in developed markets. Our industry focus is on pharma, healthcare and safety, chemicals and oil and consumer goods

Being Advisor

One of our two main functions is working as an advisor on the deals we do not directly finance. Although this work accounts for a significant portion of our business, our advisory role doesn’t end here. Since the moment our direct investment is finalized, the management of the company we invest in has access to a designated investment manager from our side who is available to act as a strategic advisor to the management.

Being Investor

We at Kapital Group do not want to limit our possibilities by restricting our scope to a single industry and/or functional topic. We believe that as industries are being reshaped and new ones are being created, we are able to find an incredible value in overlooked companies. This takes a lot of research and market know-how but in the end it does deliver the returns.

Our Team

Kapital Group employs a network of transactions advisors and investment professionals on three continents. Each of our experts has an extensive experience of working on deals across Central and Eastern Europe. Our flexible and flat organizational structure and global scope enable us to take advantage of high-return opportunities that are overlooked or frown upon by major firms.

Contribution to the economy

Our everyday goal is enabling companies to grow, develop and make necessary structural changes by providing the capital needed. We are proud for our contribution to economy. IHS Global Insight in its 2011 Venture Impact study stated that originally venture-backed companies accounted for 11.87 million jobs and over $3.1 trillion in revenue in the United States (based on 2010 data).